Varsity Pizza

Atmosphere:  Varsity Pizza is a Syracuse Orange fan’s ideal pizza stop.  It is painted blue and orange and old athletic photos cover the walls for pride in the SU orangemen.  It is famous for it’s pizza and is located on Marshall Street.  Before and after home football and basketball games in the dome, Varsity is packed and fans are found eating not only at the tables but also in any free space in the restaurant.  Customers order their food at two different counters and then take the food to their tables.  The counter at the front is for pizza only and in the back is a variety of wraps, salads and grilled foods.  They have a very wide selection of food choices.

Food:  There is a very large variety of food choices at Varsity.  There are plenty of different kinds of pizza along with wraps, salads, grilled foods, and hot and cold sandwiches.  Varsity offers beer and wine as well.

What We Ordered:

  • Chipotle Chicken Wrap: 8/10 overall,  I liked how the wrap was prepared in front of you so you could decided what you wanted to have added to the wrap however I thought that the chicken was pretty dry.  It was very good other than that.
(click photo to enlarge)

Service:  The service at each of the counters is very fast and helpful.  They handle lines with ease and are about to keep people moving through the ordering process. Having two separate counters helps with crowd control.  The workers were very friendly.

From the Employee: 

  • Busiest:  After any home sporting event
  • Most popular Dish:  Everyone loves the pizza
  • Favorite Dish:  Buffalo chicken wrap

Prices:  The food is very reasonably priced.  You can get a pizza pie for a little over $10 or a wrap for just $8.  On average you could spend ten dollars on a meal.

Parking:  The only parking available is on Marshall Street or in the small parking lot right across the street from Varsity.

Take Out:  Varsity Pizza does allow you to do take out.

Delivery:  They deliver to various places close to the restaurant.

Website:  An online menu can be found here:


802 S. Crouse Ave.

Syracuse, NY 13210

(315) 478-1235

Established 1926
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